About Us

With over 20 years in kitchens and restaurants, Hal has spent an impractical amount of time sharpening knives. Now out of the kitchen and traveling the country, he has taken his skills on the road. 

Meet up with Hal and bring your knives, scissors, chisels, and other bladed tools. Feel free to ask about recipes, cooking tips, and farm to table sustainability. 

We hope to see you at one of our pop-up events. 

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Traditional Hand Sharpening on a water stone

Grit Variances

We use a variety of water stone grits. From 200 grit to 8000 grit. Depending on the needs of your blade, we may employ one of these options or multiple.

Clean & Consistent

The two most important factors for sharpening by hand on a stone is cleanliness of the stone and consistent angle. We work hard to ensure both.

Machine sharpening on a Tormek

Speed & Precision

Sharpening your blade is only half the job. Keeping it protected from heat damage is just as important. With a stone speed of 90 RPM our whetstone will not heat the blade. Staying cool to the touch keeps the blade in perfect shape.

Top of the Line

By using the best tool in the industry. we insure perfect results every time. The Tormek T8 is the industry leader for precision sharpening. Our Tormek T8 comes with a built in water bath to keep the variable grit stone cool and safe for any metal.

Dull blades aren’t just frustrating...
they are DANGEROUS!