Easy. Fast. Reliable.

Visit us at one of our pop up locations

Sharp ‘n shop

Our pop up locations are strategically placed for your greatest convenience. Grocery stores, farmers markets and shopping centers make it easy for you to have your knives and tools sharpened while you shop.

We pop up at the same location 3 weeks in a row and always advertise in the area prior to arriving.

How It Works

Bring us your blades

Bring your kitchen knives, pocket knives, chisels, planer blades, scissors, clipper blades, machetes, hatchets, and lawn mower blades*.

*Mower/Mulcher blades are sharpened through a different process. Depending on our location, we may ask for a drop-off with a return the following week.

Sharp ‘n Shop

We will sharpen your items while you wait or while you shop, Sometimes it can take a little longer than others, but we usually ask for an hour.


Pick up your newly refined blades and put them to good use. We know you will see a difference in how they perform.

We can also give you some tips on keeping them in great shape.

Dull knives aren’t just frustrating...
they are DANGEROUS!